Komnot Corporation is a Canadian company with global reach, founded in 2004 and registered in the city of Toronto, Ontario, ,Canada.

The corporate purpose being the distribution of construction materials, consumables, and diverse equipment
Komnot Corporation. is also a company that manufacturers LEDs and fluorescent lamps. It is associated with companies from China, India and Canada.
Its logistics relies on partnership contracts with internationally recognized freight forwarders and warehouses in Jiangsu, China, in Halifax, Canada and Colon Free Zone, Panama.
The company is committed to renewable energy sources, ecology and energy saving, having as one of its pillars, specializing in the manufacture of light bulbs, lamps and other lighting fittings.
Komnot Corporation has other lines of work such as parts and accessories for transport, equipment and accessories for protection, insulation and security, modular construction and engineering projects, which ensures a high quality service in terms of mechanisms for delivery, shipping and possibilities of design as requested by the customer.

In recent years, it has increased its sales to the tourism sector, offering different types of lighting, as well as hotel supplies, materials and equipment investments in hospitality, food and beverages.

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