• Building materials
  • đťaterials for construction
  • Vehicles of all types including those with special applications. Accessories and spare auto parts
  • Special equipment
  • Hydraulics, pumping, equipment and pool accessories
  • General Hardware, Boats
  • All kinds of papers
  • Domestic, industrial and decorative luminaries
  • Lamps and LEDs, fluorescent and halogen bulbs
  • Diversified Chemicals
  • Ropes and Cabos
  • Welding electrodes, wires, rods, plates, metal
  • Clothing, textiles and packaging
  • Supplies, accessories and equipment investment and hotel operation
  • Parts, Parts & Accessories for different types of transport
  • Drinks and Foods
  • Equipment and accessories for the use of renewable energies
  • Plastic Furniture, specialized furniture. Bathroom fixtures and faucets
  • Plastic Furniture
  • Textiles
  • Household items, cleaning, etc
  • Plastic bags, special bags, special bags
  • Matter and Raw Materials

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